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5 Ways to Motivate Sales Staff

Sales staff are a pivotal part of any successful business, and a unmotivated sales team is not what you need. When motivated, a sales team fight there hardest to swap a no to a yes, leading to plenty more sales. 


The ultimate tried and tested method for motivating a sales team is through commission. For commission based bonuses it’s important to not cap the amount a person can earn. For example, if a sales team reaches their cap then they will lose motivation to push on as they now lack an incentive, resulting in a slump in sales. Therefore, an over achievement bonus may be necessary as this provides teams with a new target to aim for. Some jobs such as a car dealerships, commission is the most important and effective way to motivate a sales team.

Alternative prizes

Although cash prizes are always welcome, some staff may value a personalised gift more as it’s a direct reflection of how well the management team know their employees. Gifts such as tickets to watch their favourite team, or spa days are relatively cheap to purchase but they make staff feel valued and appreciated within the company.

Team commission

No matter what, sales departments will always have strong and weak sellers. The stronger sellers take the majority of the prizes when it comes to sales which can demoralise other employees. To combat this, create sales teams to encourage peer to peer mentoring and help motivate staff. By offering team commission it encourages the better sellers to train the weaker sellers as there’s now an incentive for them. This not only cuts down on your training costs but also increases revenue with better sales figures. 

Weekly sales meetings

Weekly sales meetings are imperative to a strong relationship between managers and sales staff. It’s important to discuss results from that week in order to set targets for the following week. Listening to customer feedback can also give an insight into how your team is doing as well as allowing them to have their say on issues they’re facing.

Recognition for achievements

Nothing is more encouraging than your manager telling you you’re doing a good job. It reminds employees they’re valued and that people are noticing their work. Likewise, if someone has performed well an acknowledgment of this in the office can be a positive sign for other employees too. This method is particularly effective with consistently high achievers, these are often the members of staff that are overlooked as this level of performance is expected from them.

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