MIG-RR electric bike

Ducati Announces Mig-Rr Electric-Assist Mountain Bike

I’ve always wanted to ride a Ducati, but I never have because a) my wife will leave me if I get a motorcycle, and b) I enjoy having intact legs. I’m excellent with four wheels and a lot of speed. Take two of those wheels away, and the intact legs and marriage part of the formula has a lot less to stand on. My wife — and my legs — would love it if I got out and rode my bike more, though. And, hey, now I could keep my wife, strengthen my legs, and fulfill my dream of riding a Ducati, as the Italian motorcycle company has announced its MIG-RR electric-assisted mountain bike (e-MTB).

Created in partnership with Thok E-bikes, the Ducati MIG-RR features an aluminum frame, with a 504-Wh battery below the diagonal tube. The Shimano Steps E8000 system — made specifically for mountain bikes — provides the extra boost at speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour. It has three levels of assistance: Eco, Trail and Boost. Trail and Boost modes can be customized for more or less assistance as needed. The bike is equipped with a Shimano XT 11-speed gear set, and Kashima Factory Series Fox shocks.

It’s an attractive bike, too. Have a look at it in the video above (which, after watching … yeah I’m pretty sure I’d mess up my legs pretty bad on this Ducati, too). If you’re in Milan, Italy, you can see it in person at the Ducati stand at EICMA 2018 November 8–11. Ducati will begin taking orders in January with a starting price of €6,250 (about $7,130) with the MIG-RR arriving in dealers in Europe this spring.

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