2019 BMW Z4

Don’t Expect An M Version Of The New BMW Z4

After a long wait, BMW debuted the new 2019 Z4 last month, showing off the roadster in M40i form. The M40i isn’t a full on M car, but rather, an “M Performance” model like the M240i, which sits a rung under the M2. Unfortunately, there won’t be a hotter Z4 than the M40i. Last week […]

2019 Lexus UX 250h

2019 Lexus UX 250h First Drive Review

Lexus admittedly is late to the subcompact crossover segment, but it hopes to make up ground with the 2019 UX by offering an intriguing combination of hybrid technology and flashy design. Longer than any premium subcompact SUV rival at 177 inches, the UX’s 60.6-inch height is lower than all but the Infiniti QX30 and Mercedes […]

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Chevy Colorado Side Curtain Airbags Are Deploying Unexpectedly On Off-Road Trails

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is a rocking off-road truck, which makes hearing about this side curtain airbag issue in this report from Jalopnik all the more troubling. Colorado ZR2 owners are finding that the curtain airbags are deploying in situations where it makes no sense to actually fire the airbag while off-roading. There are a […]

Volvo XC60

From Driftwood Trim To A Crystal Shift Knob, The Volvo Xc60’s Details Set It Apart

Volvo’s XC60 cuts a unique path through the compact-luxury-crossover segment. It eschews the Teutonic rigidity of German SUV-segment mainstays such as the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3 for a more welcoming Swedish flair. It’s that focus on design that truly sets the Volvo apart, and the XC60 is filled with well-considered Scandinavian touches that […]

electric car

What is an Electric Car?

It’s a concept that’s been around for over 100 years, but it’s only recently that the idea of an electric car has really taken off. With a greater focus on protecting our environment, as well as the day to day cost benefits of an electric powertrain, the electric car is making waves in the motoring […]

Jerome Guillen

Tesla Appoints Jerome Guillen As President Of Automotive Operations

In an email to employees that was posted to Tesla’s official blog, company chief Elon Musk announced that Jerome Guillen has been promoted to President, Automotive. Guillen has been an employee at Tesla for eight years, having previously been an executive with Daimler’s Freightliner truck division. Guillen is credited by Musk as being the first […]

2018 McLaren 720S

2018 McLaren 720S Drivers’ Notes

It’s been seven years since McLaren launched the MP4-12C (later simplified to just 12C), the vehicle that kicked off the British brand’s three-tiered assault on the supercar market. The Sports Series is currently made up of the 540, 570, and 600 lineups. The 720S is the only member of the Super Series, one rung higher […]

2019 Hyundai Kona

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric Trumps Chevy Bolt Ev’s Range

When the Chevrolet Bolt EV came out, its 238-mile range became the new high-water mark for electric cars lacking Tesla badges. Well, I hope the Bolt EV enjoyed its time on the throne, because a new king has been crowned. The EPA just revealed its figures for the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric, the automaker’s first […]

VW Atlas Tanoak pickup

VW Drops Heavy Hints It’ll Produce The Atlas Tanoak Pickup

Volkswagen turned an anodyne press release announcing two vehicles on display during Monterey Car Week into a text worthy of a double take and perusal. The superficial news is that the Atlas Cross Sport and Atlas Tanoak concept pickup will make their West Coast debuts after impressing crowds at the New York Auto Show. The […]

New Pickup Truck

4 Features To Look For In Any New Pickup Truck

Whether you are an independent farmer looking for serious off-road capability or an independent contractor who needs a vehicle that can deliver power and performance, the pickup truck is an essential tool. With new advancements in automotive technology being made every year, the range of new capabilities is constantly expanding, so if you are in […]