Leapmotor Targets Global Expansion with EV Tech Licensing

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Leapmotor is embarking on an ambitious plan to boost its sales by targeting international markets and offering its EV technology for licensing to partners outside China. This strategic move comes as the company seeks to ensure its survival in a rapidly consolidating EV industry. Leapmotor, established eight years ago, has […]

Opel Aims for Affordable Electric Cars by 2026

Opel, a carmaker owned by Stellantis, has ambitious plans to make electric vehicles (EVs) more affordable. The brand’s CEO, Florian Huettl, announced that Opel aims to offer an electric vehicle priced at approximately 25,000 euros (about $26,967) without relying on government incentives. This initiative is expected to become a reality around the year 2026. Opel’s […]

Volkswagen Battery Manufacturing

Volkswagen Revolutionizes Battery Manufacturing

Volkswagen has made a groundbreaking achievement in battery manufacturing with the development of a process called dry coating. This innovative technique, perfected in collaboration with printing press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer AG, has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost of cell production. Thomas Schmall, Volkswagen’s battery chief, proudly announced that they are the pioneers […]