Hummer H1

The Most Versatile Cars

When it comes to picking a car, we’d all love to go for a ludicrously fast supercar to cruise about in, unfortunately this can’t happen. Other commitments mean we must comprise and select a car more suited to a varied lifestyle that includes long cruises, tight city centre driving and the occasional bit of off-roading.

Hummer H1

You probably can’t imagine yourself sat behind the wheel of a Hummer H1, and, there are countless other vehicles that are much easier on the eyes, and the wallet. But, wouldn’t you rather entertain yourself with a tough-looking vehicle that can do just about anything and effortlessly race across the roughest surfaces on the planet? Perhaps the Hummer H1 is a little costly but considering it can get through 30 inches of water and drive over 22 inches in height, we’d have to say that it’s fantastic value for money. 

Pontiac Aztek

Even though it appears to be one of the most awful looking cars on the face of the planet, the Pontiac Aztek is ideal for eager adventurers of any sort – including camping features such as a tent that folds out of the back, an air mattress, removable cooler and a seat-mounted backpack too. So, as ugly as it looks, the Aztek is a purely versatile motor underneath and even better in terms of its exceptionally affordable price tag that many of us didn’t expect. 

AMC Eagle Wagon

Old fashioned as it might look, the AMC Eagle Wagon is the fourth most versatile motor on the road. You’ve probably seen the Eagle Wagon in movies that involve long journeys, effortlessly being able to withstand destructive activities caused by careless driving – and there you will have seen for yourself, just how tough the AMC Eagle Wagon really is at facing the most challenging of roads. The best part about this motor, for most people, is likely to be the price, so searching around used dealers, like C.H. Render may be the best option for you. 

Ford F-150 Raptor SVT

It’s fair to say that any vehicle with “Raptor” in its name, is surely able to withstand destruction on the most challenging of roads. Ford’s F-150 Raptor SVT is exceptionally good-looking and is beyond capable of attacking unsuspected sand dunes and off-road courses as subtly as a vehicle possibly can. What’s most impressive with the Raptor SVT is that it looks much similar to any other ordinary pick-up truck, but is capable of so much more than a standard motor – minus the cost, and you’ve grabbed yourself one of the most versatile cars on the market.

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