Ferrari’s Modular Next-Gen Platform is Under Construction

Ferrari and Altair ProductDesign are teaming up to create a next-generation platform for the automaker’s future vehicles, reports Automotive News.


The platform will provide Ferrari with a base for several new flagship models, claims Altair in a press release that is no longer available, noting that the engineering and design company has worked with Ferrari for more than 10 years.

According to the report, vehicles on the next-gen platform are expected to be lighter and better performing, and the platform will reduce vibration, noise, and harshness. Altair’s designers and engineers worked alongside the automaker’s manufacturing, design, and engineering teams in Italy to create the platform.

Altair currently works with an extensive list of automakers on various design and engineering aspects for vehicle chassis. We reached out to Ferrari to get a better idea of what Altair is bringing to the table, but the automaker declined to comment about its relationship with suppliers or on future products.

As previously reported, a modular platform would help Ferrari cut development time and share more parts within its lineup. The next generation of the Ferrari California is the first model expected to utilize the new platform and is predicted to be unveiled sometime next year.

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