Hyundai planning 250

Hyundai Planning 250-Mile Electric Vehicle By 2020

Until plug-in vehicle buyers stop caring about all-electric range – and who knows when that might happen – the distance an EV can travel on a full charge will remain an important selling point.

Hyundai planning 250

Most US drivers go less than 40 miles a day, but that’s not stopping at least two high-profile automakers from building a 200-mile EV. Both the Chevy Bolt EV and the Tesla Model 3 are shooting for this target.

They won’t rest on their laurels. Hyundai is prepping a 250-mile electric vehicle for 2020. Byung Ki Ahn, Hyundai’s director, eco-vehicle performance development group, revealed the plans to Auto Rifftoday after also confirming a 200-mile EV for 2018.

This is above and beyond the Ioniq EV that will launch in the US later this year with 110 miles of range. Hyundai already had revealed its plan to offer 26 new green models by 2020, including plug-ins, hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but there were no specific details about the EVs mentioned there.

The EV world will be quite different in four years, but Hyundai thinks it has a strategy to get its customers prepared for the launch of the three Ioniq models, which include a plug-in hybrid and a standard hybrid, and future EVs. Until now, the company believes, according to Chris Hosford, Hyundai’s corporate communications executive director, the automotive industry has not yet adequately communicated the advantages and differences of plug-in vehicles to customers.

As Hyundai prepares to flood the market with green models in the next few years, expect lots of educational materials to come from Hyundai dealerships, as well as commercials. “We know there is a lot of education necessary,” Hosford said.

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