TVR Griffith 2020

TVR Griffith Production Pushed Back Until 2020

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the U.K. ‘s newest sports car, the TVR Griffith, we have some bad news. There’s been another delay. Originally set to go on sale in 2017, the delivery date was pushed back to early 2019. And now it’s been pushed back to 2020.

AutoRAI confirmed the delay after speaking with Paul Thompson, TVR’s Heritage Director. According to Thompson, European regulations are to blame. “It takes more time than we expected to start production, thanks to the rules of the European Union,” Thompson told the Dutch outlet. “We are now aiming for a market launch in the course of 2020.”

Perhaps surprisingly, one thing that hasn’t been an issue for TVR is finding customers for its initial 500-unit run. “We already have buyers for all these cars,” said Thompson. “We expect to be able to build the first 500 copies in twelve to fourteen months. That comes down to about ten cars a week. The production rate is later increased. That is quite possible because there is a lot of stretch in the production capacity. We can even build up to 1,500 to 2,000 cars on an annual basis.”

Even though it’s an obscure, low-volume product that’s unlikely to ever be sold in the U.S., the Griffith is a car we can’t help cheering for. TVR claims it weighs only 2,756 pounds and uses a 5.0-liter Cosworth-tuned V-8 that makes 500 hp. With a six-speed manual transmission, it’s said to hit 60 mph in less than four seconds and top out north of 200 mph. And as you can see in the video below, the Griffith uses Gordon Murray’s innovative iStream carbon-fiber production process.

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