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Giant American Made Hemi Heads For Your Small-Block Ford

when we first looked at these heads, we imagined them hanging out of the engine compartment of a Model A or 1933 Ford. The real market might be X275 radial racers that you see at events like No Mercy in South Georgia. It makes sense when you consider these heads are capable of flowing 471 cfm at 0.800 lift on the intake side and 320 cfm on the exhaust side when they are prepped for racing.

Ford engine

The father of these small-block Ford hemi heads is Greg Brown from Hammerhead Performance Engines, a company he started in 2016. Greg is no beginner, he worked for Jon Kaase when the Boss Nine heads were developed. Eventually, Greg began experimenting with his own small-block hemi head for guys who either didn’t have the space under the hood, or the cash to build a big-block Ford engine.

Brown casts these heads in the United States using pattern makers and facilities in Pennsylvania, then sends them to KB Racing for finish machine work. They are designed to fit 289-351W engines and come as-cast with CNC machined combustion chambers, a Jesel valvetrain, valve covers, and gaskets to complete the install. The complete kit sells for $5,995 and are available now.

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