Koenigsegg Camless Engine

Koenigsegg’s ‘Affordable’ Car Will Be A Hybrid With A Naturally Aspirated Camless Engine

On Tuesday, Koenigsegg will reveal its replacement for the world’s fastest car, the Agera RS. But Koenigsegg is also working on a higher volume model with NEVS, which is set to debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. And according to Christian von Koenigsegg, that car will use the Koenigsegg V8 in naturally-aspirated form, with Freevalve, and electrification.

Last month, NEVS, the Chinese-Swedish company that owns Saab’s assets bought a 20-percent minority stake in Koenigsegg. This development will result in a new car, which will be built in Ängelholm and badged as a Koenigsegg, but sell for under a million euros, and produced in the hundreds instead.

The collaboration is basically that we have this slightly higher volume–still very low volume, a couple of hundred a year–idea of a car priced under a million euro. Let’s say somewhere between 6-7-800,000, depending on the specification. We’ve been working on that project for two years now, and we realized that to make it properly, we probably need to bring in an investor for that program, in order not to put too heavy burden on the other programs we are doing, which are much smaller volume, of course.

But with this new shareholder, they said they really want to find a way to work together, and if possible, would also like to invest. We said okay, we have this opportunity that we’ve been working on, and then the idea came about that they invest as a minority shareholder, and we do this joint venture car together. The production facility will actually be here in Ängelholm, we’ll be running the engineering and production, but we’ll be utilizing the facilities in Trollhättan like we already do, and also whatever capability they have for slightly higher volume production parts than we can do here. Like sub assembly, subframes, maybe wiring harnesses, upholstery, painting…but the car will be engineered here and but together by the same people here, and also tested here at Ängelholm. So it will very much be a Koenigsegg car, with the involvement of NEVS.

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