Mercedes Upgrades

Top 5 Mercedes Upgrades

Are you searching for your Merceded upgrade tips and tired wasting a lot of time? If you didn’t find any bright tip or idea than you are on the right place! Today we will tell you tips and bright idea about Upgrading Your Mercedes in this article. So don’t go anywhere and keep on reading.

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  1. Door Projector Light Upgrade

The Mercedes has installed with the projector light with the door and projects an MB logo on the ground as you open the door. It uses the company’s old light wiring that is installed in your door and can be easily substituted in a very little time. Just pull out the old light and fetch a new one and fit the new light with the power cable. Then you’ll find a new MB logo light with white and blue matches.

  1. Rear Trunk Spoiler Upgrade

Every vehicle’s look depends on its rear trunk spoiler. More the spoiler will be stylish the vehicle looks more impressive. An ABS plastic rear spoiler can be added to the trunk because it has the tape and you don’t have to make holes or strive to fix it on your car, just tape it and get a new look. You can paint it to your desire or the car’s matching color as well. You’ll find your three-digit Mercedes-Benz color code on the driver’s door frame.

  1. Android DVD GPS Navigation Command Upgrade

If you’re sick of your MB’s old COMMAND system, then its time to get something full of entertainment. Like you can upgrade the Navigation with Android supported 7 inch unit so you can install your related app from Google Play Store. Also, you can enjoy Google Maps navigations with this upgrade and from the top it can play DVD and supports steering wheel control. You can also enjoy hands-free calling by pairing your Smartphone, thanks to built-in Bluetooth.

  1. Trunk Net for your Groceries

The trunk net upgrade will help your groceries from being scattered. You can install your trunk to put them in a single place in a proper way and this will keep the groceries from rolling here and there while driving.

  1. Projector Headlights Upgrade

A man’s hairs turns white with his age, similarly a car’s headlight gets dull or foggy with time. But you can upgrade your car’s headlights and give her new eyes, yes, fortunately there are many aftermarket headlight upgrades are present. You can choose one from Halo projector headlights, led headlights or black headlights as well. So what you’re choosing?

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