Noodoe Launches Noodoe EV OS Cloud Operating System

EV charging company Noodoe introduced Noodoe EV OS, an advanced cloud operating system that orchestrates the operation of smart EV charging stations.

The key differentiation is Noodoe EV OS, a cloud operating system that serves as the “brain” that orchestrates the operation of the Noodoe EV charging stations. Noodoe EV OS offers the following functions:

EV Charging Service

Noodoe EV OS manages the service delivery of the EV charging stations. Powered by Noodoe EV OS, Noodoe EV charging stations offer a simple charging experience for the customers and a range of advanced features for the site owners.

Universal Payment Processing

Noodoe EV OS processes multiple types of payment transactions. Powered by Noodoe EV OS, Noodoe EV supports universal at-the-pump payment, so customers can use their preferred transaction method such as credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Central Management

Noodoe EV OS provides central management functions that enable the administration staff to configure pricing, modify peak hours, and monitor status. Noodoe EV OS empowers administrators to supervise the entire charging infrastructure.

Service Personnel Access

Noodoe EV OS gives frontline personnel access to instantly view the status of EV charging stations in their location. It puts real-time information at their fingertips to help them deliver superior customer service.

Automated Diagnostics

Noodoe EV OS features an automated diagnostic, alert, and self-recovery system that constantly checks the condition of every EV charging station, and if necessary, initiates proper notification and recovery processes. Noodoe EV OS minimizes the use of human maintenance labor to check the equipment, and ensures the optimal operating condition of every EV charging station.

Operation Analytics

Noodoe EV OS provides analytic functions that offer holistic business performance monitoring and continuous reporting. Noodoe EV OS gives the management team the big picture with deep insights on the entire charging service operation.

In the United States and Taiwan, businesses such as Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt, and public sector organizations such as Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, are already taking advantage of the superior technology of Noodoe EV and Noodoe EV OS.

A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company finds that the world’s major automakers are aggressively jumping into the accelerating EV market. The study predicts that 350 new EV models will debut by 2025, and as many as 120 million EVs could be on the road by 2030 in the United States, the European Union, and China. These new vehicles will require a dramatic increase in the number of charging stations, such as Noodoe EV.

Noodoe is unique in the industry because of its superior technology in all three crucial areas required in the deployment of a successful EV charging infrastructure – hardware, software, and cloud OS.

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