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Lister Introduces 666 Hp, 208 Mph Limited Edition Thunder

Lister is one of the most storied nameplates when it comes to Jaguar-based racing cars, with tons of Le Mans heritage on its shoulders. The company says it’s Britain’s oldest surviving racing car company.

As well as racing cars, Lister has produced several road-going specials, such as the widened XJ-S derivative called Le Mans and the Storm, whose 7-liter V12-engine was not only based on the XJR-9 racing car, but also the biggest V12 engine fitted to a production car since WWII. Now, in addition to continuation specials like the reborn Knobbly, there is a new Lister on the market — boldly called the Thunder.

The Thunder is based on the F-Type, but its supercharged 5-liter V8 has been re-engineered to reach 666 horsepower. It will reach 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds, 100 mph in 6.8 seconds and go all the way to 208 mph. To compare a production F-Type SVR to the Thunder, the Jaguar-badged car has 99 less horsepower and takes half a second longer to hit 62 mph.

There will only be 99 units built, and they are priced at almost $200,000 in the UK — we reached out to Lister for a confirmation whether the cars will be made available to U.S. buyers. But they are selling out soon, as Lister today announced that in the 24 hours since the unveiling of the Thunder, 22 customers already put in an order, worth in excess of $4.37 million.

But the Thunder will be much more than a limited edition plaque in the dashboard (and that 99 extra horsepower); the paintwork and the interior will be bespoke to the specially built car. The modifications to turn an F-Type into a Lister Thunder will be carried out at Lister’s historic facility in Cambridge, UK.

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