The Mercedes-Maybach

The Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet Is Stunning

It’s rare for a convertible to be prettier than its coupe counterpart. The Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet, which makes its debut today at Monterey Car Week, is a glorious exception. The Maybach Vision 6 coupe that premiered last year was lovely, but this is just exquisite.

The Mercedes-Maybach

Top open, the Vision 6 Cabriolet evokes the sort of small speedboat you’d see on the French riviera, with its long sweeping tail. Its rich blue exterior paint, appropriately called Nautical Blue Metallic, and white leather interior probably also help bring maritime images to mind.

This masterpiece measures at over 20 feet long and features lots of art deco design flourishes. The wheels measure 24 inches in diameter and feature center-locking hubs painted in rose gold. Mercedes says the big radiator grille upfront was inspired by a pinstripe suit, but there’s actually no functional benefit to its inclusion.

That’s because the Vision 6 Cabriolet is all electric. It features batteries mounted at the floor which power a 750-hp electric motor and provide for 200 miles of driving range. Under the 6 Cabriolet’s long hood, it looks like there’s fitted luggage and a picnic set, rather than an internal-combustion engine.

Inside there’s all the Napa leather and rose gold trim you could hope for, and interestingly, a wood floor. Again, Mercedes is emphasizing the Vision 6’s Cabriolet’s nautical influence.

Right now, it’s unclear if Mercedes will put a bespoke Maybach model like this into production, since its ultra-luxury arm currently just modifies standard Benz models. In any case, it points to gloriously luxurious things to come.

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