Mercedes C450

Brabus Gives Mercedes C450 AMG Sport A Little Extra oomph

Between the base C300, the warmed-over C450 AMG, the full-speed-ahead AMG C63, and the C63 S, there are a lot of choices for go-fast C-Classes. Whether it helps with the decision or just makes it more complicated, Brabus is here with another option.

Mercedes C450

The venerable Benz tuner is now offering an aftermarket package that further closes the gap between theC450 (soon to be renamed as the Mercedes-AMG C43) and the more powerful C63. By squeezing an extra 43 horsepower out with its PowerExtra B30-410 kit, the C450’s output jumps from 362 hp to 405 – bridging the divide to the 469-hp C63. The 0-62 sprint drops as result from 4.9 seconds to 4.6, while the top speed jumps from an electronically limited 155 miles per hour to a free-running, Autobahn-crunching 174 mph.

To go with the engine enhancements, Brabus is also offering a full aero kit, exhaust system, rolling stock, and interior upgrades. Of course it’s all up to the customer to spec his or hers out to order. But whatever options are selected, they’re all covered by a full three-year warranty so you can put your mind at ease while burying the accelerator into the Brabus-

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