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The Equus Throwback Is A 1000-HP Corvette-Based Supercar With Deeply Retro Vibes

Equus, the same U.S.-based firm behind the fantastically cool Bass 770 muscle car, is back again with another stylish creation, the Throwback. It’s a supercar based on the C7-generation Corvette packing up to 1000 horsepower, 822 lb.-ft. of torque, a claimed 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds, and a top speed of over 220 MPH.

While the proportions are definitely C7-esque, Equus claims the Throwback is more than just a kitted-up ‘Vette. The exterior has been transformed with the company’s unique styling, featuring two center-mounted fog lights up front, and taillights reminiscent of a late-model C3 Corvette. It’s also worth pointing out the absolutely massive triple-exit exhaust pipes, but chances are you’ve already noticed them.

The interior keeps the same basic layout as the C7, but is upgraded with Equus’s own materials and styling. The company hasn’t revealed what sort of drivetrain upgrades the Throwback will use, only that it will start at $130,000 for the base model.

Equus will only produce 25 examples of the Throwback, and notes customization and personalization options for customers are virtually endless. If you want something unique to show up with at your next Corvette meet, we can’t think of anything better.

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