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How To Ship Your Car

Whether you’re moving across the country or across the globe, shipping your car rather than driving it to your new home may be a better solution for you and your family vehicle. As a benchmark, you should consider shipping rather than driving your car if your trip is more than 500 miles. So how exactly do you ship your car safely, quickly, and without stressing over every minute it’s on the road?

In-Country Shipping

There are many companies that offer secure auto shipping within the continental United States. It is a relatively straightforward process. A shipping company will pick up your vehicle, usually at or near your home, and transport it on a semi-trailer to your desired destination.

You can often choose between covered or uncovered trailer options depending on your needs. The covered options typically cost more but provide for better security of your vehicle. Whereas the uncovered option can save money.

Coast-to-coast road delivery typically takes between one and two weeks depending on a few details. Shorter trips will take less time. So plan your move and your delivery accordingly to make sure you’re back to life as usual as quickly as possible. Before choosing a shipping company, be sure it is well-insured, credentialed, and has a good track record of safe and on-time deliveries.

International Shipping

When shipping your car overseas, there are three methods commonly used, depending on a variety of variables.

Container Shipping

Cars can be loaded onto covered shipping containers and transported via large ships at sea. This can be done either with multiple cars in one container or in sole containers carrying just one vehicle each. In a shared container situation, the cost is split among multiple vehicle owners and can save a lot of money. Sole container shipping is more expensive but provides more security, safety, and often a quicker delivery.

Container shipping is generally slower. It can take between one week to a couple of months depending on your destination.

Air Freight Shipping

This is the most expensive option for international shipping. It is also significantly quicker than the alternatives. If you have special needs, shorter timelines, or extremely valuable vehicles, you should consider shipping your car by plane.

Shipping your car can be a great option, even over land. Be sure you take the time to choose the right shipping options for your needs, your vehicle, and your unique situation. If you take the time to do the research, your car will stay safe, you’ll spend less than you think, and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

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