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Custom-designed, Economical, Safe Buses From Mercedes-Benz And Setra At 2014 IAA

Urban buses, rural-service buses, touring coaches, minibuses – Mercedes-Benz and Setra are not just represented in every segment of the bus market, they also lead across the board. This dominant position was made apparent by, among other things, the implementation of the Euro VI standard, where both brands set the pace with clean and verifiably more fuel-efficient buses. In time for the 2014 International Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover (25 September to 2 October), Mercedes-Benz Buses and Setra are rounding off their product offerings with a host of innovations.

Sprinter City 77

Mercedes-Benz Citaro: new engine version in articulated bus

At over 40,000 units, the Mercedes-Benz Citaro is the top seller among regular-service buses and Mercedes-Benz’s best-selling bus of all time. The already broad model range of this state-of-the-art regular-service bus is now augmented by an additional variant: the Citaro G articulated bus is optionally available with the compact, horizontally installed OM 936 h six-cylinder in-line engine. The powerplant produces 260 kW (354 hp) from its 7.7-litre displacement while reaching a maximum torque of 1400 Nm. The new engine version is an example of high-tech in the Citaro low-floor bus: the Power Boost System (PBS) uses compressed-air injection to accelerate the torque build-up at lower engine speeds. This gives the compact powerplant pull-away characteristics on a par with those of a larger-sized engine. A key advantage is that, owing to the low engine weight and small installation space, the capacity of the Citaro G is increased by up to eight passengers.

The Citaro G also benefits from the new and improved ATC (Articulation Turntable Controller). The show vehicle is additionally equipped with a new generation of electronics. This is evident from the new, even larger and more informative coloured display in the instrument panel as well as from the new control panel for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Mercedes-Benz Intouro: the specialist inter-city bus

With current annual sales of over 1000 units, the Mercedes-Benz Intouro is a European best-seller in the inter-city bus sector. For the 2014 model year, the Intouro has been made even more attractive thanks to new and additional length variants. The same applies to the Euro VI-compliant powertrain, with further individualisation options.In this price-sensitive segment of the market, where value for money, high passenger capacity and continuous availability are key factors, the Intouro scores well as a reliable “workhorse”. The Intouro model range is made up of two-axle vehicles from 12.14 m to 13.32 m. Get updates from Automotive Technology

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo: new safety equipment

The Mercedes-Benz Tourismo is the top seller among European touring coaches. As a compact club bus, functional raised-floor bus or comfortable high-decker, it covers the key areas of its market segment. The predecessor model was launched in 1994. As a token of gratitude to its customers for the enduring success of the model, Mercedes-Benz has provided the exterior of the bus with a high-quality “20 Years Anniversary” decal.

The continuous further development of the popular touring coach will also be apparent at the German International Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles. From next year, the Tourismo will be available with the SPA Lane Assistant, which employs a camera system behind the windscreen to detect when the vehicle unintentionally changes lane or risks going off the road.

From next spring, the vehicle will additionally be fitted with the AEBS Advanced Emergency Braking System. If a collision is unavoidable unless immediate action is taken, the driver is first given visual and audible warnings and the vehicle automatically performs a partial application of the brakes. If the driver fails to react and a collision is imminent, the vehicle automatically carries out a full application of the brakes. AEBS is capable of preventing rear-end collisions and dramatically reducing the consequences of high-speed accidents.

The Tourismo is being made even more attractive by an additional engine variant. Previously available only for the three-axle models, the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz OM 470 six-cylinder in-line engine is now also on offer for the two-axle high-decker. With a power output of 315 kW (428 hp), it delivers 2100 Nm of torque.

Mercedes-Benz Travego: new Active Brake Assist 3

The benchmark for advanced technology in a touring coach, the Travego premium high-decker from Mercedes-Benz is an innovation-driver, especially when it comes to drive technology, environmental compatibility, safety and ease of operation. With the new Active Brake Assist 3 (ABA 3), the touring coach once again confirms its reputation – ABA 3 is able to initiate automatic emergency braking when stationary obstacles are encountered. The Travego with ABA 3 thus not only mitigates the consequences of a serious accident, but is also capable of independently preventing accidents. Active Brake Assist 3 will be available from Mercedes-Benz from mid-2015. A new option for the Travego is Predictive Powertrain Control, which can further reduce the already low fuel consumption.

Mercedes-Benz minibuses: successful and further refined

Mercedes-Benz Minibus GmbH is the leading minibus manufacturer in western Europe. On delivering its 20,000th minibus, the company simultaneously celebrated its tenth anniversary. With the new Sprinter, the Euro VI emissions standard, even more fuel-efficient engines and additional assistance systems have made their entry into the range of minibuses – the largest range in the competitive line-up. There are also new practical details. For example, all models with independent bodies are now also available with the Parktronic reversing and parking aid. All Sprinter City models can now be fitted with a swivelling driver’s seat.

New: Setra ComfortClass 500 MD, the economical mid-decker coach

MD – two letters that are set to make their mark in the bus industry. They stand for “mid-decker”, a new family of buses in the ComfortClass 500 model series. The ComfortClass 500 MD is made up of exceptionally economical and extremely comfortable touring coaches with a height of 3.56 m. Originating from the ComfortClass 500 modular system, the MD boasts the same genetic makeup as the HD while combining the passenger compartment of a ComfortClass high-decker with a lower understructure. The new ComfortClass 500 MD family consists of the S 515 MD (length 12.3 m) and S 516 MD (13.1 m).

The new Setra MD covers the segments of tourist travel, short trips and excursions. Also suitable for high-grade shuttle services, factory bus services and long-distance routes, it mainly lends itself to combined use. In short, the ComfortClass 500 MD is an extremely flexible touring coach. The MD comes with different positions for the second door, either with a middle door in front of the rear axle or with a rear door.

New: Setra S 511 HD/S 519 HD, club bus with enormous seating capacity

The new S 511 HD from the ComfortClass 500 family follows in mighty footsteps: for decades, Setra has again and again surprised and impressed with its attractive club buses. The S 511 HD is a product of the ComfortClass 500 modular system. A length of just 10.47 m makes the new high-decker suitable for numerous assignments, high-grade club travel, VIP shuttles or trips with a manageable number of participants.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the new Setra S 511 HD is exceptionally manoeuvrable. A wheelbase of only 5005 mm makes for a turning circle of just 17.5 m. The passenger compartment of the Setra features the full range of comfort associated with the ComfortClass 500 family. This includes a high headroom and pleasant sense of space as well as the inside width and the equipment specification, from the seats and luggage racks to the service sets and interior lighting. The new Setra S 511 HD club bus comes with either a middle or a rear door.

Where a high-decker with maximum seating capacity is required, the new Setra S 519 HD is the obvious choice. With a length of 14.95 m, it makes full use of the maximum length of 15 m and is Setra’s longest touring coach. This high-capacity bus is especially suitable for long-distance routes on busy roads with a high percentage of motorway travel. Assuming that its enormous capacity is frequently utilised, the new S 519 HD offers excellent economy. No single-decker touring coach has more seats: with three-star seat spacing, the S 519 HD boasts a capacity of 71 passenger seats without toilet or 65 seats with toilet.

The dimensions are matched by the top-of-the-line engine, with the longest Setra being powered by the OM 471 six-cylinder in-line powerplant, which, with an output of 350 kW (476 hp) and an impressive 2300 Nm of torque, is the most powerful engine in the Setra ComfortClass 500 range. Fitted as standard is the fully automated GO 250-8 PowerShift manual transmission.

New: Setra MultiClass LE, low-entry rural-service bus

As a practical rural-service bus, the Setra MultiClass UL business is perfectly suited to tenders for contracts – economical in its acquisition and maintenance, functional in its specification. It is now joined by a strong newcomer: the new Setra MultiClass LE business combines low entry with a high deck to mark out a growing, highly attractive market segment. The new LE business unites ease of access at the front with a cost-effective, low-maintenance and comfortable high deck at the rear. Another advantage of the low-floor construction is a fast flow of passengers.

From front to rear, the new MultiClass LE business sports the typical Setra looks. These include the same front-end design as the MultiClass UL as well as the rear section with its distinctive tail lights. Along the side, the design makes it clear to which brand this vehicle belongs. Ample glazing, especially of the front section, gives the rural-service bus a modern and inviting appearance. The new MultiClass LE business is available in two lengths of 12.33 m and 13.04 m.

Setra TopClass, luxury and functionality at the highest level

Luxury and functionality at the highest level – these are the hallmarks of the new Setra TopClass 500. Launched last year, this fascinating luxury touring coach began delivery this spring. The model range includes three premium three-axle buses in lengths from 12.5 m to 14.17 m. These exclusive long-distance touring coaches unite design, comfort and safety at a new level while at the same time impressing with their excellent economy. With their powerful build and elegant, clear lines, these super high-deckers have an imposing presence. Spaciousness is the true luxury: with its high headroom, open luggage racks and generously sized roof dome, the passenger compartment conveys an impression of space. This sensation is further enhanced by the optional TopSky panoramic glass sunroof.

Setra TopClass S 431 DT: the benchmark in double-decker coaches

One of the most fascinating of travel experiences is a ride in a Setra TopClass S 431 DT double-decker coach. In continuous production since 2002, this well-proven top-class touring coach has become the undisputed leader of its segment in Europe. It owes this position to its supreme quality and economy allied to its constant further development and versatility.

This double-decker coach addresses the demand for maximum seating capacity. With a standard configuration of 83 passenger seats and a length of 13.89 m, it exemplifies perfect use of space. The latest, Euro VI-compliant version is powered by the rear-mounted OM 471 six-cylinder in-line engine with 12.8-litre displacement, 375 kW (510 hp) output and a torque of 2500 Nm. Featuring state-of-the-art fuel-saving technology, the double-decker coach sets the new benchmark with its Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC, optional), secondary water retarder, feedback-controlled ancillaries and on-board power supply management with intelligent battery sensor.

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