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Car Subscription Services: Why Motorheads Love This New Trend

Anyone who loves cars knows that sometimes there are just too many to choose from. Whether you are interested in the newest BMW SUV or have had your eye on the new Mercedes sports models, there is no way to know for sure which car is for you until you drive it. And this is where car subscription services come in.

They allow you to drive a different luxury car for each season– you can simply go to a dealership and sample the hottest luxury cars the same way they would log onto Netflix and try a different movie. Even the most high-end luxury and sports cars can become boring after some time. The acceleration, feel, and even noise that a car makes are all unique.

So why would someone want to stick to just one car when there are so many different experiences out there in the world of automobiles? And that is only focusing on the pros of a car. There are always drawbacks that may keep someone from sticking to their current car like mechanical issues, a lack of comfort, and an overall inability to meet the drivers’ standards. It’s no surprise why car subscription services are becoming more popular and are projected to grow 77% over the next three years.

Car manufacturers are catching on and now BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, and Cadillac all have their own services. They tend to offer some of their more high-end vehicles and it shows on their price tag. Subscriptions from these manufacturers can cost anywhere from $1,000-4,000 a month. To put that into perspective, the average car subscription is 93% more expensive than a car lease for similar vehicles. That’s almost double the cost per month.

To get a much better price on car subscription services, forego the manufacturers and head to a local dealership. Of course, not all dealerships offer car subscription services – in fact, only a very rare few do. But, as an example, dealerships like AUTO ONE Group, who were on the ground floor of rolling out subscription services, offer much better plans and prices than manufacturers.

Regardless of the monthly amount,it is a small price to pay for motorheads to sample the hottest luxury cars on the market. The convenience, efficiency and briskness that subscription services afford are well worth the price of admission.

You might still be wondering: how do these services work? Subscribers pay a flat fee that covers all of the providers’ expenses and in return they can drive a new car every season(Although this sometimes varies between services). Mercedes for example will allow you to switch almost an unlimited amount of times with short notice while Volvo’s service offers a switch once a year. Dealerships like AUTO ONE Group are flexible, and will allow you to switch every month.


The type of car you get to drive and mileage are all dependent on the package tier you pay for allowing you to “level up” if you aren’t satisfied. As of now these subscriptions are available at locations in select cities and are done through various apps.Try out the service that car enthusiasts have been raving about – sign up for a car subscription service.

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