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Making the Most of Your Phone for Busy Adults

For most of us working, busy bee adults, we spend a significant portion of our day commuting and sometimes, in nearly unbearable amounts of traffic. For that of course, our cars are vital to our everyday routines. Whether you are heading over to check out the latest styles at Foot Locker or driving your little one to and from activities, your car is right there with you. In order to get the most out of the time you spend behind the wheel, you turn to another faithful companion for that extra boost: your app-filled cell phone. Not to text and drive, of course! But to have a better driving experience through the use of user friendly, hands-free apps that are perfect for your drives.

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This app is great for people who are serious about music listening whether you’re in the car, at the gym or just relaxing at home. It allows you to make personalized playlists and provides a huge variety of playlists of their own, specific to your genre preference and even specific to your mood. It’s a great way to always have the music you love on hand and ready to go. Personally, I have found that the upgrade to Spotify Premium is worth the small monthly payment because you can download all of the playlists and albums that you could possibly want and play them with or without data or internet, also cutting out the ads. This is without a doubt, one of my favorite apps to have and truly enhances all of the time spent in the car.


This app is an all around good idea if you love yourself a great bargain. You can even shave significant amounts of cash off of maintenance bills for your car by getting a groupon for an oil change and tire services. Even get a discount on traffic school for that rookie in your family. Groupon allows you to purchase car accessories such as floor mats, roadside emergency tool kits at discounted prices and even micro-fiber reusable cleaning towels to keep in your trunk to show your car some love when you get those spare moments at the gas pump.

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